Kudos and Karma

A lot of very smart people have – unbeknownst to them – loaned us material on which to reflect: food for thought – and action.

Lawrence Barsalou, Carl Bereiter, Stephen Billett, Peter Checkland, Andy Clark, Allan Collins, Harry Collins, Gloria Dall’Alba, Andrea A DiSessa, Merlin Donald, Anne Edwards, Yrjo Engeström, Michael Eraut, Charles Goodwin, Jim Greeno, David Hammer, Ed Hutchins, Andrew Elby, Tim Ingold, Viktor Kaptelinin, Carl Knappett, Karin Knorr Cetina, Bruno Latour, Lambros Malafouris, Reijo Miettinen, Diane Mulcahy, Monika Nerland, Nancy Nersessian, Stellan Ohlsson, Wanda Orlikowski, David Perkins, Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Roger Säljö, Nigel Slater, Linda Smith, Lucy Suchman, David Turnbull, Jaakko Virkkunen, Marx Wartofsky

[more to add!]

Caveat: None of them have said they agree with us.

And not forgetting John Dewey, Donald Schön, Lev Vygotsky (who don’t have live web pages)

This is also a good place to thank Dr Agnieszka Bachfischer, who worked with us on data collection and Dr Dewa Wardak, who helped us finish the book. Other friends and colleagues read and gave comments on parts of the book: special thanks to Sonia Bartoluzzi, Crina Damsa, Nina Bonderup Dohn and Yael Kali.

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