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Old school – you just have to know how to assemble your epistemic environment

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Final chapter

The final chapter of the book – Chapter 20 – should be finished or close to finished this week. It’s currently called “Creating epistemic environments: learning, teaching and design”

It opens with this wonderful quote from Andy Clark

“We do not just self-engineer better worlds to think in. We self-engineer ourselves to think and perform better in the worlds we find ourselves in. We self-engineer worlds in which to build better worlds to think in. We build better tools to think with and to use these very tools to discover still better tools to think with. We tune the way we use these tools by building educational practices to train ourselves to use our best cognitive tools better” (Clark, 2008, p59).

This richly recursive conception of “self-engineering” provides both resources and challenges for those involved in rethinking professional education.

New extract from Chapter 19

We’re particularly taken with the idea of “wicked systemic problems” – which feature quite strongly in the 4th of the educational approaches we describe in Chapter 19. So we’ve uploaded a page or so on this topic – may not be quite the final version, but won’t be far off.