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Epistemic fluency book – publication date

Epiflu book cover


We have a publication date for the book: October 15th

Springer site




Indexing Gratitude

I want to put on record my thanks to colleague and lead author Lina Markauskaite for her determination and skill in producing an exemplary index for the Epistemic Fluency book. A heroic undertaking, now completed. There may still be a few little odds and ends to sort out before the manuscript finally goes to print, but the index was the last big task.

Index snippet

Update of the text for promoting the book

Working with Springer, we’ve refined the text that will be used in promoting the book. The first three paras offer a good, reasonably concise summary of what the book aims to do.

Springer have given the go-ahead

We received confirmation today that Springer’s series editors have approved the publication of the Epistemic Fluency book and it will now move into production. We’ll provide updates on progress over the coming weeks.

Old school – you just have to know how to assemble your epistemic environment

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